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Umrah Sahlah Travel and Tourism Company acquired MyHotels® was founded in Saudi Arabia in 2016, with headquarters in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is a Saudi-registered brand dedicated to worldwide hotel reservation services.

MyHotels® is approved as Umrah Online Travel Agency (Umrah OTA) by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to make B2B bookings (Hotel bookings and transfer bookings for Umrah companies); also, we are authorized to offer B2C Umrah and e-visa services through the MAQAM/Saudi GDS platform launched by the Ministry of Umrah and Hajj, MyHotels® added in the (Eatmarna application) as one of 35 certified platforms for both B2B Umrah and B2C Umrah.

MyHotels® is getting the prices from many direct contracts with hotels and wholesalers suppliers to give the end customers the best available deals for more than one million accommodations/properties "hotels, resorts, hotel apartments, hotel villas, and hostels" covering more than 80,000 Destinations worldwide.

MyHotels® started with capital SAR. 5,000 in 2016, and 2022 MyHotels® capital is SAR. 500,000

Umrah Sahla Travel and Tourism Company, established in March 2020, aims to become the leading Saudi online travel portal by offering an entire travel solution to its valued customers.

We aim to work as a Travel Super App "one-stop-shop platform."

  • As a wholesale distribution and leading booking platform with Universal reservation services for travel businesses for Retail Travel Agents and Travel Advisors worldwide, we build strong relationships at both ends of the travel chain to provide products, services, and solutions that help all our clients and supplier partners grow.

  • We aim to deliver outstanding customer service and satisfaction through continuous innovation, development, and investment in our staff and technology. We also work to build strong long-term partnerships with both our suppliers and our clients.

  • We can provide our suppliers with distribution channels to help you maximize your revenue with our global product reach.

  • We also offer our clients extensive inventory and competitive rates through the expertise of our Sales offices.

Transportation: More than 24,000 Worldwide Transfer Routes.

Tours & Activities: More than 18,000 Worldwide Activities and Tickets.

Hotels: As we are integrated with the world's leading bedbanks and many wholesale suppliers, we have a portfolio of more than 1.2 Million Worldwide Hotels, "Over 31,000 directly contracted independent hotels and 62,000 directly contracted chain hotels" in more than 80,000 destinations.

Flights: 700+ Airlines Full-Service Airlines and 200+ New Distribution Capability "NDC" and Low-Cost Carriers "LCC" Low-Cost-Airlines – All through a single platform;

  • Forget about managing the nuances of airline connectivity and focus on expanding your markets. MyHotels takes care of everything else!

  • Expand your horizons by fulfilling the needs of your global accounts with local access to the most competitive international airfares.

  • Are you looking to better your markups on airfare tickets? Our platform is your solution. Use the power of our network to match your competitor's power of any size.

  • Unlock a consistent flow of competitive airfares that match your service standards. Focus on delivering impeccable customer service and leave the nuances of procuring airfares to us.

  • Now you can sell Flights without the need to build tech or airline agreements with the world's leading airline retailing and shopping platform.

For more detailed information about our product and inventory, please don't hesitate to speak to one of our team members or send us directly;

24x7 Customer Support: Our 24 x 7 support operators are always ready to help you

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