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Travel agencies can benefit from opening an account with MyHotels Business (B2B), the best Saudi hotel wholesaler platform. We act as intermediaries between your travel agency and Hotels/Suppliers, offering various services and products. Here are some key benefits:

Access to a Wide Range of Suppliers:

As we collaborate with a diverse set of biggest suppliers. This allows your travel agency to access many products and services in one place.

Competitive Pricing:

As a Wholesale Travel Platform, we negotiate bulk rates with Hotels/Suppliers, enabling your travel agency to access discounted prices. This competitive pricing allows your travel agency to offer attractive packages to your clients while maintaining profitability.

Real-Time Inventory and Availability:

Your travel agency can access real-time information about the availability and rates. This ensures that you can provide up-to-date and accurate information to your clients.

Payment Solutions:

No bank guarantee or floating deposit is required, as all payments can be made via credit and debit cards.

Global Reach:

Our platform has a global network of suppliers, allowing your travel agency to offer travel services in various destinations. (More than +1.2M Hotels worldwide in over 80K destinations)

Technology Integration:

We are displaying the guest-verified reviews. You will get a complete overview of each property and make an educated decision about the accommodations. Extensive database of over 700,000 properties. Analyzing 3 million guest reviews per week, you can provide the targeted insights that travelers need.

By leveraging the services provided by the MyHotels Business platform, your travel agency can enhance its offerings, improve efficiency, and stay competitive in the dynamic travel industry.

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